korenzubaWith term of Healthy dental pulp we mean tooth without clinical symptoms and cavity and which have
undamaged root in its core. Caries is one of the main causes of inflamed and necrotic changes on the pulp. If left untreated and close to the pulp and gym, it becomes inflamed and the removal of the apex and the infected tissue is necessary. The main issue is removing and cleaning and rinsing the root canal, and filling the space with bio-compatible material. First and the most important thing for this procedure to be successful is to have good dental hygiene.
With this treatment, color of your teeth won’t change, and it stay as he was before the treatment, in his original color. Like to majority of dental problems, this one too, is the result of lack of hygiene and lack of visits to your dentist. For treating this problem, our stomatology specialist will do complete analysis and make suggestions on how best to proceed with problem you have.

When is time for Root canal surgery?

Only Stomatologist can estimate when the cure is needed for the root canal surgery. With this treatment you can be sure to keep your teeth, safe, healthy and in its place. Procedure is made of several steps, and it requires several trips to the dental clinic, until final solution for every case.

What is endodontics?

This is a special part of stomatology which is the main for diseases and injuries of apex and root of teeth. General name of this whole procedure is ‘Root Canal Surgery’, and it’s pretty infamous.