When a tooth is damagedTeeth can have be damaged beyond simple repairement which involves caries or cavity. In those kind of cases, teeth can be treated and be back in its normal condition in little amount of time. First, we do thorough cleaning, and in case of deep cavity, we erase all traces of foreign elements, because the whole in tooth will be filled with material which will get your tooth back in its previous state.

With broken, or chipped teeth, we will restore the missing part of the tooth, and get it back shape you used to have. We will analyze situation, and recognize correct and real state of patient. In both cases, we use two methods and materials we use:

  • Ceramic fillings: life like, indistinguishable white fillings, which are
    fragile, unlike the other materials, and can be colored by the food such as coffee, tea, tobacco, etc…
  • Porcelain: known also as facet.Their filling covers tooth, and it’s a bit more stain resistant
  • Amalgam: this is silver colored material, and it is much cheaper than other materials. We don’t recommend this filling for visible places
  • Gold: it last the longest, (about 20 years) but it’s also the most expensive

Fillings for nicer smile!
Smile is something that makes every man or woman more beautiful, and after all smile have the key role in aesthetics and gather glances from all over. Caries is is very common problem, which catches children as well as adults in different life stages.

When is one or more teeth struck with cavity, it is essential to do the repair straight away, and stop further worsening oh teeth health, which in the end can lead to losing teeth. If this disease isn’t cure on time, you can lose your smile and of course teeth, not to mention self esteem and having insecurity.

Check next, some important information on fillings:

What is filling?
Filling is procedure which have the means of fixing teeth which is damaged by declining of its health, getting it back into its prior stage. You can have filling made of various materials, but the most used ones are: amalgam, ceramics, porcelain, or gold.

How is filling done?
First, dentist will remove part that is under the influence of cavity. Then, the cleaning is done on the part of the tooth/teeth on which the cavity is on, and that whole is then filled up with filling by your choice. With filling, dentist stops further bacterial spreading, but it also stops worsening and spreading on other teeth.

How do I know if I need filling?
If you want to know if you need filling, come to us to check out cavity on one or more of your teeth. Sometimes we need to make X-rayto estabilsh the depth of cavity. If you have a hidden cavity, filling will last about 20 up to 40 minutes.

What are the symptoms of cavity?
Damaged teeth are very sensitive on extreme temperatures, for example cold or warm food. It can also lead to bleeding of teeth when washing them, and in cases when cavity reaches end of nerves, sharp and acute pain is hard to stand.