Some factors can influence on that taking out of tooth can be necessary, like dental caries, which can reach that kind of depth, that ruins structure of tooth. The rest of factors that can influence necessary for the tooth to be taken out are: Infection that spread so deep right to the jaw bone, lack of space in jaw for a new tooth to grow up (like wisdom teeth), teeth that are not completely grow out, and can be source of accumulating bacteria, which further can cause much bigger problems.

In every situation, you can contact us, and consult with our team, so we can give you real guidelines and recommend the best treatment. if the teeth are so damaged, that it can not be possible to repair them, and they are not taken out, they can cause serious health problems like infections, cysts, tumors and systematic disease.

Surgical taking out of teeth
When it comes to oral problems which leads to situation that one or more teeth must be taken out, are very common. In our dental clinic we do taking out of teeth on daily bases, because of problems like tooth decay or infections.

Procedure is done with local anesthetics, and in some cases it’s necessary to give the patient a sedative to calm him down. All in all, this is a very simple and risk free procedure, without any kind of complications.

In further text, check important informations :

When is necessary to take out the tooth?
Taking out of teeth are the last thing we do, but it must be done when tooth is badly damaged, or it can not be nurse back to health due to infections, or other unsuccessful treatments. Procedure of taking out the teeth is possible even if the dental bridge is in place.

How it’s done?
First thing we do is checking oral health of patient, and check again if taking out of the tooth is necessary. After that check is done, we give the patient local anesthetic, and after it starts working, we take the sick tooth out, with dental appliances.

After the tooth is taken out, we will recommend the best ways to avoid the pain that follows, which can be avoided. We recommend liquid and soft foods. Also, we recommend not to eat hot meals, and teeth can be brushed, but try to avoid the place where the tooth was taken out, so the wound can heal.

How to keep teeth healthy?
To prevent any lose of your teeth, you have to keep your oral hygiene every day, constant brushing of the teeth, and flossing all the time, after every meal. Add to it regular check in with dentist, just to check if your teeth are healthy, and prevent problems that can cause all kind of problems, and could be avoided by simply have an appointment every time you feel any kind of trouble, or once or twice a year.