zubni-implantiLoosing one or even more than one of teeth, especially with most of the adult population, can affect, not only aesthetics, bu can also cause many other health issues, and can cause serious diseases. In modern medicine, dental implant is always the best solution. Dental implant is similar to your teeth, which is in fact titanium post, which is placed directly in the jawbone, on the top of which is places crown, and it looks like real tooth if you look at it by the color, or by the size that real tooth once was.

Dental implants can replace one tooth, but it can also be used to attach dental bridges as well as dental prosthetic. In case of loosing more than just one tooth, this procedure should be done in the shortest period of time, in places where teeth are missing, because it can lead to atrophy of the jawbone. If the atrophy has already started, luckily in this procedure jawbone can be added, and six months after this procedure is done, dental implants can be added on the new bone. In case of dental bridges, dental implants are much better option because, there is no need for unnecessary holes in healthy teeth, bridges can simply be added and fixed on to dental implants. Dental implant procedure is done with local anesthetics. For placement of this kind of implant at least two days are needed. On first day implants are put in jawbone, and the time needed for this procedure is individual and it can be prolonged by the number of teeth that needs replacement ( it takes up to a 20 minutes or a whole hour and a half, for each tooth). On the second day control is necessary. After that, it is crucial that new dental implant merges with the jawbone, which can take up to a three full months (and for some it’s needed more time for jawbone to heal). When it’s all settled down, placement of the prosthetic part of the job, which can take just a bit more of the time, and it’s waited for about five up to seven days. Placement of this procedure is been done by the special doctor of stomatology  for the implant dentistry.

What is dental implant?

Made of titanium, this screw like part is put in the jawbone and replaces root of the tooth. It made of two parts, one is replacement for the root canal, another is put on the top this titanium part, and onto it the crown is put on ( as we said before, artificial tooth).

Who can have dental implants?

This procedure can have anyone who is grown up, persons who already have all bones in body fully grown, it can be done on persons who have over 25 years of age. You need to have healthy jawbone. Checking of all this and much more can be done at our Clinic.