When do you lose all your teethLoosing teeth can be caused by various problems of oral cavity (gingivitis, periodontitis, etc), or it can be caused by trauma. When all teeth are lost, aesthetically the best and the cheapest solution is complete denture. They are made of acrylic (plastic), and are much more affordable than the dental implants, with a price of only 210 euros.
Denture is made here in our clinic, and our dental technicians at first make a mold of your jaws, and, by that mold are made complete denture, which fits you perfectly. In first few days we make check ins to see if the denture fits perfectly, or if corrections have to be made for better adhesion.
Because they can be taken out of your mouth, cleaning will be faster and easier.
You should know that dentures are not made for lifetime, because they wear out, but, at the same time the shape of your jaw will change during the time. So, you should keep in mind that, in time, you will need adjustment, or a new denture all together.
It is not recommended that you sleep with your denture, and the best way to keep it is to put it out, and place it into a cup of water or in a cup with special cleaning liquid for dentures.

Smile with your new teeth

Nice and shiny smile is the most important for self-confidence, because, after all, nice smile is priceless decoration on the face of every man and woman. In most cases, people loose teeth when they are old aged,, and for them, we recommend denture, to gain back function of chewing, speech, but the beautiful smile, also.
Complete dentureis best known as artificial jaw, or artificial teeth i one of the best ways for replacement teeth with older population, because it can be removed very easy. Beside, user of these kind of teeth can count on extraordinary natural look, because these denturies are made by the measure of your teeth.

A bit more of useful information

Who should be using complete denturies?

Complete denturies should be used by the people who lost all their teeth, and want to regain aesthetic look, as well as their chewing and speaking function. This will bring them comfort and safety, and regain self-confidence.

How is complete denturies made?

Building of denturies begins with dental arches, which are made of by mold of your teeth, in our laboratory. Model of prosthesis should respect natural occlusion of the patient, therefor, denturies are made of special acrylic resins plastic. As we care about all things, we also care about high, shape, and wideness so we can give you maximum of comfort.

Care of your denture teeth

Denture is being cleaned by tooth brush which is very soft. When is taken out of the mouth, you can put it in glass with regular or filtered water.
We recommend massage of palate and gum, so you can activate circulation and remove deposits of bacteria which can accumulate on mucous membranes in your mouth.