For better look of your teethBeautiful white teeth are very appreciated these days. But some foods and bad human habits can leave trace on your teeth, so they can get darker in time, or get a bit yellow in color. Drinks such as coffee, tea and vine, or smoking can directly cause coloring of your teeth.
Process of whitening of teeth is as follows:

  • first step is protecting your teeth with special gel
  • then, we apply a means for whitening based on hydrogen peroxide on to teeth
  • after applying that layer, our dentists lightens the gel with UV light with low intensity, which releases molecules of oxygen, and with that instigate whitening
  • treatment lasts two or three sessions in one hour

Treatment is completely painless, and there are no need for anesthetics. After this treatment you should avoid foods that leave stains teeth at least for 24 hours. In this time, teeth becomes transparent, and can absorb color from foods and drinks.
Whitening of teeth can give positive results only on real teeth, and can not change color of crowns of artificial teeth.

When is the real time for laser whitening?
You decide when it is time for whitening of your teeth, but keep in mind that beautiful smile is priceless, and always appreciated with man as well as with woman. It can be one of the most useful tools when seduction is in place, at work it have a big role on how your colleagues looks on you, an it can be helpful in many other situations. This treatment helps with aesthetics of your smile, and we can make it flawless.
Treatment of laser whitening of teeth is one of biggest innovations in dentistry.

What is laser whitening of teeth?
That is innovative technique, which uses laser to activate chemical process, which is totally harmless, and can get rid stains on your teeth, and helps with better pigmentation of your teeth.

Can anyone do this procedure?
Whitening is suitable for man and woman over 17 years old, who don’t have any prosthesis or other denture. If the tooth is too dark, this treatment can’t give satisfactory results, and in that case we recommend facets.