Fillers/ Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is material that integrates itself into skin. That way it corrects little wrinkles on the skin, it gives volume, it stimulates making of collagen and elastic purposes of skin, a revitalizes skin. Every product we use in our clinic have CE sign, and by that, approved by European Union.
Hyaluronic acid is common found in our bodies ( in skin, umbilical cord, in joins, and eyes as well) and it’s used to fill wrinkles, smaller or bigger ones, for bags under eyes, to lose scars, or get rid of little wrinkles.
It is also used for correcting some parts of the face, like: cheeks, beard, mouth, jaw, but also for making your arms look younger.
Besides gaining volume, it attaches it self with molecules of water, which makes it the best way of regaining moist and elasticity to skin. It also can be used as
mesotherapy with vitamins and oligo elements for making skin younger, or as an injection under the skin. It can completely be absorbed, and its trace can be visible from 6 up to 18 months. It is completely safe, and side effects are close to none.

  • Procedure is very short;
  • Effects are visible at once, but for full effect you need to wait about 15 days;
  • This procedure doesn’t require special treatment before or after our work is done;


Collagen is a part of elastic threads in skin, and its main function is to keep your skin tight. The amount of collagen is highest at birth, and as we grow older, we have it less and less, which makes skin relaxed, and visibly older. Inductors of collagen are implants, that stimulates natural production of collagen where needed. With that, skin regains its elasticity and its main purpose is to get you back your younger look.