For your better lookBioflik, better known as dental plaque, are simply the deposits that accumulates near the root of the teeth, which colonize bacteria. The cause of dental plaque is result of having inadequately oral hygiene. After eating, leftovers of food are always left between teeth, and between gum and tooth. If those remains are not disposed by cleaning and brushing teeth, they became suitable ground for development of bacteria, which, combine with saliva, make a thin layer of plaque. On that layer can be found up to 400 different microorganisms. Bacteria which cause inflammation of gum, and which make dental plaque are always present in mouth, and you can not get rid of them, so your oral hygiene is very important. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, or don’t use dental flossing, dental plaque can damage health of your teeth, or even loss of them. Therefor, with regular visits to our practice, you can prevent accumulation of deposits of bacteria, which are making plaque on your teeth. Cleaning of teeth are done with instrument which makes ultra thin layer on the teeth, and combine with strong spay of water mixed with sodium bicarbonate, made just for the dental works. During, and soon after cleaning,some bleeding can occur, which is normal.
Why is so important removal of dental plaque?
Keeping oral health in check is very important nowadays, so the large number of dental problems and diseases can be prevented. Today, people live longer, so it is only natural that teeth should live longer as well. Many people don’t even know, that with removal of dental plaque can prevent tartar, beginning of caries, and gum inflammation. Deep cleaning, done with special care of our staff , completely removes accumulated plaque, and makes your teeth healthy. It would be ideal if the same routine is done every six months, which guarantee any kind of teeth problems.

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Does it hurts?
Cleaning teeth with us is much less painful intervention, because it is done with thin layer of water. If you have sensitive teeth, we can use local anesthetics.
How to prevent dental plaque?
Best way to be sure that dental plaque can be prevented is regularly brushing your teeth. Layers are safest to remove with tooth brush.
Can removal of dental plaque be done rarely than once in six months?
Minimal amount of time between plaque removal is six months, but that doesn’t mean that you should be in dentist practice every three months or less. Just people who have higher tendency to produce more amounts of dental plaque, should visit us in less amount of time than six months.