There is no two people alike regarding to perfect teeth. One part of dentistry is all about correcting wrongly growth of teeth, wrong bites, and crooked chewing. Resolving this kind of problem lays in capable hands of our stomatologist, which analyzes the situation of structural arch, then, there is a complete scan of the jaw, so they can think of the best way to fix the problem you have, and trough the scan, they can see what to and how to act regarding your problem, and other crucial details, for helping you with important details. After firs phase of analysis, our stomatologist will begin with setting up bridges which will carry glue which will save and correct your teeth with gluing it to each other. They cam be made of metal, ceramics, and plastic one. On top of them is metal arch, which is strong enough to gradually straighten your teeth and make them perfectly insync.
Even after that procedure, it’s needed to visit your dentist often, to adjust metal arch, and it is a period of one month, and it is of the most importance is to keep coming to your dentist, every time he makes you an appointment, because it is the only way you will be sure that procedure is working, in which case, every tooth will come into its real place.
Period of having to carry this kind of retainer is individual, and it vary from one person to to another. Some people have to wear it for longer periods of time, and the others don’t need to have it longer than few months. We must add up, that, in some cases, metal arch needs to be strengthen.
Usual time it takes up to two years, but sometimes, it need to take longer to achieve the same effect.
For cleaning this kind of dentures special orthodontics, special tooth brush is needed. It is very important to use as instructed, to prevent decay of healthy teeth, and rooting teeth, as well as accumulating plaque, which can ruin the whole procedure.

Take care of your teeth
Beautiful smile is one of main characteristic of young people. In case your teeth are not straight, we recommend using fixed device, which will straighten your teeth.
Besides curing the aesthetics problems, correcting crooked teeth, we will fix your troubled bite, and other functional disorders that are common, and will make imbalance between teeth bones and a jaw bone.

Flossing teeth
After every meal, it is of the most importance using teeth floss, for removing remaining paticles of food that is stuck between teeth. But Floss is not an option when it comes to fixed dentures, and for those cases there is a special metal
needle, which is made for this purposes.

Cleaning teeth with tooth brush
In this case, washing teeth is divided in two steps: at first you use gentle toothbrush without pressure, and after that orthodontics toothbrush.

Additional hygiene
In order to increase oral hygiene, it is very important to use quality mouth washes, which main purpose is killing bacteria in mouth. Of course, you don’t need to use it too much, because it can cause other related diseases, and get imbalance in your mouth.

Special Caution
You should try and avoid sweets and sugar, because, with that, you allow sugar to accumulate around your dentistry, and along with that, you allow tooth decay. In addition to that, you should stay away from hardened foods, that can lead to damage or even breaking your dentistry.